The Original Skin Balm on Psoriasis

The Original Skin Balm on Psoriasis

13th December 2014 my beautiful baby came into this world... happy as little did I know I would get struck by this horrid condition that lay dormant until I had spent a few weeks at home with our new baby... it started on my knees I thought hmm what's this?? Is it because I'm crawling around on the floor with our baby?? It's a possibility 😂 the more stressed out I got with what was happening at the time the more it spread across my legs.. up my back.. and to both my arms.. at this point I thought wow what it this.. by June 2016 we had gone to multiple doctors, tried multiple steroid creams.. this just was not working for me.. I was sore everyday the sores peeled and bled but I still did my best at being a solo mum, even though I wanted to crawl up into a corner and just not do anything or go anywhere.. but I did it no matter the looks from others the nasty words blah blah 😆😆 I got used to it but this was hurting my mum watching me live with this condition we call Psoriasis.. she had definitely had enough and posted all over Facebook for some help.. She found Hannahs Bumble Balm she talked to Hannah and we ended up trialing the original bumble balm and tea tree balm.. Instantly things were bloody great the sores weren't bleeding anymore I could move my arms and legs with out creaking like an old lady! 😂 I had used this Original balm everyday upto at least 3/4 times a day cause it worked amazingly! And By April 2017 it was barely there just a few scars (to which disappeared after about another few weeks of using it) these balms are above and beyond! I wouldn't ever second guess it for anything else or any other type of homemade creams or balms! This is the magic right here!


Travel Size Original Skin Balm

The Original Skin Balm

Posted: Thursday 8 November 2018


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