Methylated Spirits Burn

Methylated Spirits Burn

Caught by a methylated spirits fireball.
A freak accident that caused severe burns to this man's face.
In desperation, alongside his daughter, the two arrived at my home to see if I was able to help.
His daughter had already been using Hannahs Bumble Balm and told her dad to come and see me.

I gifted 2 tubs of The Original Skin Relief to him and he started using it straight away and the difference was incredible!
Over the first 2 weeks he applied religiously, daily... Then less and less as his skin improved.

The "After" photo is four months on from the day of the accident!
Minimal scarring and amazing healing!

This man has been in my life now since that day and he truly is one of my greatest and most humbling success stories with Hannahs Bumble Balm.

The Original Skin Balm is available in two sizes.

Travel Size Original Skin Balm

The Original Skin Balm

Posted: Thursday 8 November 2018


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